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At Superior, we aim to provide the Industrial sector with the best lighting solutions available on the market. With so many lighting needs for an industrial building, this provides Superior with a great opportunity to save a company money on energy and maintenance costs.

A lot of industrial units run outdated lighting which means expensive maintenance costs and high energy consumption. In addition lumen degradation means that the lighting is below the recommended levels. At Superior, our team will look at the best lighting solution for the company to maximise the energy consumption reductions. We will also look at ways to reduce the overall maintenance costs for the building. This is how we are able to offer the best lighting solutions on the market.


Warehouse lighting can easily be upgraded to LED products with minimal disruption to your organisation. This in turn will allow the company to see a massive difference in the energy consumption. Whether it is commercial or industrial storage, there is very little difference in the projects.

At Superior Eco Lighting our goal is the same, to reduce your overall energy consumption while still maintaining optimum levels for the lighting.

The key to providing the best lighting system is to focus on the areas that staff will be using, like the aisles and walkways. Our design team will focus on best products and lighting positions to provide the right solution for the company.


Due to the ever-changing way that the office environment works, including non-designated cubicles, handheld devices are being used as opposed to standard desktop computers, etc, lighting must move with the changes. At Superior, we focus on the needs of each project based on an office environment to make sure that the cost savings on energy consumption and maintenance are optimum for each business.

Our lighting design team will assess the working environment to calculate the best LED system required for the building to ensure the optimum lighting level is reached. We look at all factors in the existing environment including existing natural light levels, and then dim up or down to provide the best lighting needed. In doing this it provides  improved concentration levels for the staff and saves energy.


We provide a 100% tailored solution for the hotel industry, with each project we offer the best solution for their environment. We look at the visual needs of the client, as much as the cost savings we are aiming to achieve. The lighting products provided are suited to the look and style of the hotel and so our design team focus their attention on consultation with you.

At Superior Eco Lighting, we spend a lot of time making sure that the installation of the lighting system provided goes like clockwork. We do this by providing computer simulations which focus on the desired optimum lighting levels.

This can be anything from the exterior lighting, corridor lighting, the hotel restaurant and reception area lighting. We look at all areas of the hotel to provide the best lighting solution possible, which in turn provides the best reduction in energy consumption.

The education industry has always had a high cost for fitting and maintenance, so we usually find significant financial savings when moving over to energy efficient LED lighting. Older schools usually have a wide range of lighting products in their building, giving the facility a non-uniform look and an expensive and hard to manage maintenance process.


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